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I'm thinking of doing a fanart. Which male character do you most want to see drawn? 

19 deviants said hot bishie male pls
14 deviants said needs to be from an anime pls
9 deviants said *comment*

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As of 16 December 2012
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My stuff.

“I just don’t think it’s all that important. Why should I care about appearances and lables anyway? I mean, all that really matters is what’s on the inside, right?”

Quotes that will haunt you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

[8/5/13 4:27:07 AM] paupourii
I simply "not make friends".
I cherish them and love them.

MlleNightingale i don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks besides the people i care about and have verified to actually be capable of logical thought.
So screw everyone else and their stupidity.

J-Inu [to me] The only time you have a high opinion of men is when they're drawn and sexy and together with another guy.

arvalis when someone asks if you can do something, say yes. because then you will have to.

kamism Do you like yaoi
AccidentallyHipster No.
kamism whyyy
AccidentallyHipster I like people fucking each other up not fucking each other.


Kami is the very best
Like no one ever was
To draw them is the real test
To bishie them is her cause

She will creep across the land
Stalking far and wide
Each arting style to understand
The :iconherpderpplz: that's inside

Kams, its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Kams, oh, you're my special friend
In a world we must reign
Kami, a heart so cool
Our bamf will pull us through

You sketch me and I'll paint you
bishiebbys, gotta lick 'em all

Every troll along the way
With flame thrower we will face
I will roll with you, every day
To eat our precious cakes

Art with me, the opacity is right
There is no better Kams
Arm in hoof, we'll win the fight
It's always been our dream

Note me for Commissions

bottledmoonss kohai i terepashi u everday

u give me da kiss of laifu des
and hasubando Kross1794 who does Kao Emoji-82 (Hail or Surrender or Sorry) [V5] by Jerikuto

Commissions OPEN

Note me for commissions

Khmer Script Translation

May my enemies run far away from me.
If I acquire riches, may they remain mine always.
My beauty will be that of Apsara.
Wherever I may go, many will attend, serve and protect me, surrounding me on all sides.


The name "Atmosphyxiate" is copyrighted to me. I own all art and literature associated with the name Atmosphyxiate.

Attempt to claim, use or alter the name in any way will result in a lawsuit under UK Law: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or International Copyright law.

Please know that copyright infringement can be punished under legal terms etc.
Deviantart has user license agreement. That includes:
1) taking a copyrighted name that has already been taken

OFF: Zacharie

Art Trade: The Unseen Light

Client Work List: [ Paid / Confirmed ]

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▶ open
gayteirs | progress: | ★
AngelMarieTuran | progress: | ★
SolarumNyx | progress: | ★
DarkMasq | progress: | ★
seyuri | progress: | ★
Euride | progress: | ★
seastorm0051 | progress: | ★
MintoLen | progress: | ★
seyuri x 2 | progress: | ★
Yukia-kirazawa | progress: | ★
RevvReborn | progress: | ★
sealandangel | progress:
PoeticAsylum | progress:
Vixenoflight | progress:
LowRankRaccoon969 | progress:
Owlivia | progress:

▶ closed
Lanahx3 | progress: | ★
MAGlCOW | progress: | ★
dreamofredmansions | progress: | ★
Ormille | progress: | ★

▶ closed

S0ulii | progress:
J-Inu | progress:
Dark-Infamous | progress: | ★
Orangenbluete | progress:
Owlivia | progress:

▶ open
for my close friends only

bottledmoonss | progress:

☆ Waiting for ☆
EnaidPI | kiriban 4,500 not received
YuriKitten | kiriban 7,777 not received
MyEternalNight | kiriban 18,181 √ received
Nesmaty | kiriban 88,888 | Journal Skin not received
neokirii | kiriban 12,345
pjuk | kiriban 30,000 not received


<table align="center" class="f"><tr><td class="f grf-mirror" style="width:386px;font-size:9pt">

:iconitacest1plz::iconitacest2plz::iconsexycombsplz:Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] by Jerikuto

L o v e l i e s ❤



T a l e n t e d ❤


My OC done by great artists

Some great artists who drew my OCs <3

Atsuka Raiden: Kamizo by SirenTheSanguineGift of Raiden by Akiyata :K: Atsuka Raiden by MyEternalNight: AT: kamizo by Lanahx3 Art Trade: Raiden by rolypolyflies Raiden Colored by NIKAIRI

Fanart of me done by great artists

Some great artists who drew me

- 鶴 -

From early childhood, I was never given a chance to be treated at as ‘normal’. I was penalized horrendously for the smallest mistakes and was frequently falsely accused. I asked myself "Why did I have to go through that sort of alienation during my childhood?"
However, in Primary 6, my homeroom teacher was the first teacher in school that ever gave me a chance to prove myself that not only was I like everyone else, but I could be better. As a parting gift for him before graduating into secondary school, I gave him one of my best art pieces I ever drew in my childhood.

From the moment he told me he had framed my drawing,
'Art' became a symbol of my

gratitude and appreciation.

[Goes by the name of ] kami
[Current Location] n/a
[personal items] watch, coca cola, 925 silver bacelets
[tools] wacom tablet intuos 4, blue lead mech. pencil, a3/a5 sketchbook
[platform] Macbook Pro 15"
[programs used] Photoshop CS5.1


kamism has started a donation pool!
2,826 / 6,000

“As of January 2013,

I intend to organize and host a Charity Artbook which will be aimed towards children in need in China. I will also be visiting the schools and/or orphanages to share the joy of Art.
All donations and contributions are highly appreciated and will be acknowledged in the Credits Section of the book.”

 ◎ A Contest will be held for chosen entries.
 ◎ Copies of the Artbook will be printed and bound.
 ◎ Orders may be placed.
 ◎ The essentials of this project will run through 2013.
This is just the beginning :iconspreadmoreloveplz: Note me for more details.

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I give llamas as an indication of support from one artist to another.

If I've given you a llama,

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Please return the favor!


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